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I'm a filmmaker, media producer, and photographer in my first year of a Media Production (BA Hons) degree at university. I'm constantly challenging myself to tasks outside of academic areas and putting myself in scenarios where I'll meet professionals and contacts to work my way up in the creative industries. I have an experience in a wide range of digital media forms, the list of these is below. Screenwriting and film pre-production is another area that I am experienced in. My aspirations are to be able to tell stories in the most professional, high-quality way possible, with the use of a strong work ethic and drive to succeed.


Field Skills:

I have experience in using a variety of different equipment and software which allows me to be flexible and adaptable when working with anything that I have never used before. I am also flexible within production roles and can work within the majority of main video production roles. I am most skilled in the area of cinematography out of these production roles and often find myself in this position. I have worked in all elements of pre-production, production, and post-production to a moderate level.


I have used camcorders from brands such as Sony, JVC, Panasonic, and Canon, as well as DSLR cameras made by Canon, Nikon, and Sony. This allows me to be able to use a vast majority of cameras for filmmaking and photography.


My most used programs are within the Adobe Suite, namely; Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Lightroom, After Effects, Illustrator and InDesign. Due to this, I am able to use this software to assist the productions that I create whether it be film, photography or graphic design.

Client testimonials:


"James was hired as a behind the scenes photographer for our upcoming short fiction film: Under the Bridge (2017). He has provided the production team with excellent, professional and beautifully well-composed image stills that will be used for the marketing of the film in the summer of 2017 and onwards. James and I worked as Press Photographers at Threshold Music Festival 2016, and I realised after this, I wanted him on my team for the production process of the film. He was also a great help during the production of the film. A motivated, organised and talented individual."

Jack Higgins (Filmmaker) 


"I'm in the very lucky position of having worked with James on a number of exciting video projects and also being the subject of a documentary he made.


As a colleague, he is a fantastic team player, great at taking the lead and sharing his vision so we all know what were are working towards. He is also great to have on your own projects as he is always enthusiastic, friendly and knows how to get the shots you want.


When it came to being filmed I was a little nervous being the other side of the camera, but he really put me at my ease and produced an amazing documentary that really captures me and my work!

The final film is better than I could possibly hope for."


Andrew AB (Photographer)




"Always love working with James, knows what to do and his work is always great. Wouldn’t go to anyone else!"


Warren Matthews (Rivia)

I've worked with clients and businesses across the North West of England.
Click the PDF link here to view my full CV.
  • Sensor City/Student Jelly

  • Mindful Meals

  • Rogues and Rascals: Barbershop

  • Panam Restaurant & Bar

  • Comedy Central

  • Velocity Trampoline Park

  • St Helens R.L.F.C

  • Threshold Music Festival

  • Andrew AB Photography

  • Cookhouse Pub & Carvery