'Alternate Aspirations'
- College assignment

This film was for Unit 33 - Stop Motion Animation during my second year of college and is the biggest challenge that a film production has provided for me. Working on my own, I was required to plan, film and edit the project which involved the lengthy process of stop motion animation. I was inspired by the film Spider-Man (2002) and the effect that idols can have on the people who look up to them. The nature of this solo production allowed me to improve my skills in all areas of filmmaking.

'Dream' (Skit)
- Film short

This short skit film is a group project with some of my friends in order for us to gain experience and to practice filmmaking within our own time. The two main characters are actors who write short comedy sketches which me and another media student film and edit. The narrative and characters are created by the actors and I play the role of director and cinematographer within the productions. 

Velocity Trampoline Park
- Promotional video

This film was for Unit 28 - Corporate Video Production and was made in order to promote the newly started company. During the production, we took a brief from the client on their needs and requirements in order for us to create the video as accurately to their needs as possible. This coordination between both parties left both our production team and the client happy with the film. I played the role of cinematographer and assistant director, as well as overlooking the edit, giving my own input. I also starred in the production doing stunts on the trampolines.

Lock Off
- Promotional video

This promotional film was made in order to showcase the life of the type of events that the client organises. Created by me and another filmmaker/photographer, we ventured to Warrington to create both photo and video content for 'Lock Off'.

Panam - Restaurant & Bar
- Promotional video

This promotional film was given to me as a brief from the directors and marketing team of Panam, the Liverpool-based restaurant, and bar. Designed to create a positive tone and show what the restaurant has to offer, this video shows one of their main packages. The promotional video also shows Comedy Central, a club where people who are a part of the package go to enjoy fantastic comedians once they've finished their meal.

Comedy Central
- Promotional video

This promotional film was made alongside the video for Panam, though this time focusing entirely on the Comedy club and the experience that the audience have when visiting.

'Inspired by Nature'
- Free time film

'Inspired by Nature' was a film made in my own time in order to gain film and cinematography practice. I originally set out with a different idea, with it being narrative-based, but once we were shooting, it transformed itself into a cinematic of the beauty of nature. This was shot just a few minutes away from my house, within a town that has a lot of people, and isolation like this is rare, but wonderful.

- University Project (Short Film)

'Cache' was my first project as part of my degree course. I took on the roles of director and cinematographer and in our production group we created the film in various locations over a series of weeks. This production was a great experience as it allowed me to develop my direction and camera skills significantly. 

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